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Wild Fern Farm Veggie Box CSA

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Get more fresh, organic vegetables on your dinner table and in those lunchboxes with a Wild Fern Farm Veggie Box CSA!

A subscription to a farm CSA is an easy way to get a weekly supply of fresh vegetables on your dinner table. 


The Veggie Box CSA is a subscription to Wild Fern Farm for the main growing season. You sign up and get 18 weeks of a prepacked box of certified organic veggies grown at Wild Fern Farm. 

The 18 weeks runs from June through September. 

Weekly box pickups will be on Thursdays 2pm-6pm at either:

Bakie Farm in Kingston 

The East Kingston Library


What does CSA Mean? 


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.


The CSA model was designed with the intention of creating an easy way for community members to directly be involved with and support a local farm. CSA members essentially become investors in a farm, through buying a subscription or "share". In return for their investment, CSA members get a weekly box or share of farm products. CSA members of a farm typically get the royal treatment, getting all of the "firsts" as the season rolls out. The first carrots. The first tomatoes. The first cucumbers. And the Veggie Box CSA is designed to make eating vegetables EASY.


Each week of the Veggie Box CSA is curated with easy weekly meal ideas in mind. CSA members get emails from the farm with info about the vegetables that are in their box and easy recipe ideas on how to cook with them.



Subscribe to become a Veggie Box CSA member 
You choose your pickup location and size of your Veggie Box CSA. 

How the Veggie Box CSA works


Pick up your box weekly 

You pick up your Weekly Veggie Box CSA from June to late-September (18 weeks)


You and your people have a fridge stocked with the freshest and tastiest vegetables you can get!

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Veggie Box CSA Options:

*Flexible payment plans available! See below for more info

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Full Box 

  • Great for a family of vegetable eaters who cook with vegetables most days

  • 8-9 items per week, weekly value of about $33

  • Example Full Box in July:

    • 1 bag arugula

    • 1 lb tomatoes

    • 1 pint cherry tomatoes

    • 3 onions

    • 1 bunch carrots

    • 1 lb zucchini

    • 2 eggplant

    • 1 bunch celery

    • 1 bunch beets

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Small Box 

  • Great for one or two people who might not cook every day with vegetables

  • 5-6 items per week, weekly value of about $22


  • Example of Small Box in July

    • 1bag arugula

    • 1 lb tomatoes

    • 1 head of garlic

    • 1 lb of zucchini

    • 1 bunch of scallions

    • 1 onion

    • 1 bunch of basil

Flexible payment plans

“But life is expensive and this is too much of an upfront cost for me.”

If you want to commit to a weekly supply of vegetable goodness, but the upfront cost is an issue, I want to make this CSA work for you! We are starting to offer different payment plans to make the cost spread out over the season.


When you sign up on the Google Form, choose the option to pay in five monthly instalments!

Wild Fern Farm Goal Harvest Calendar

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